The crafts programme in the School supports the learning by doing aspect of the academic paradigm but it also actively encourages students to develop a keen aesthetic sensibility, develop interest in the area and explicate the role of crafts in architecture. The emphasis on crafts arises from an understanding that architecture challenges traditional boundaries between disciplines, specifically those between arts and a seemingly technical subject like architecture.


The School workshop has pottery wheels - 4 foot operated and two hand operated wheels and clay and baking facilities are provided. From time to time the School facilitates workshops that is supervised by experts in the field from various fine arts institutions in the city and students go through intensive sessions working on personal projects on individual or a collective themes or abstractions producing exquisite artifacts.


Along the same lines the School has also held several weaving workshops. This is facilitated by the availability of five looms that are available in the workshop which allow for simple yet elegant patterns in wool and cotton.


The School has been regularly conducting photography workshops, assisted by accomplished professionals and artists wherein students have attempted empathetic encapsulation of the everyday in the realms of the built environment through the artificial eye. This is an unusual attempt at understanding the intersection between the cultural and the physical fabric of places. The student's portfolio testifies to the development of their social and environmental perceptiveness and aesthetic sensitivity and acquisition of technical skills. The School darkroom provides the students with access to developing black and white photographs related to national level competitions and academic projects.