The School utilizes its institutional and professional networking to invite eminent persons from diverse fields like architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, conservation, sociology, avant-garde art, development studies and urban management to deliver a two hour lecture every Wednesday. This provides the students with the exposure not only to specialized architectural knowledge, that directly bears upon academic endeavors, but also to recent developments and changes in social thought, artistic and professional practices, further study opportunities, enhancing their awareness.

Some of the lectures that have been delivered are as follows:

Mr. Anil Mishra (TERI),
‘Tata Energy Research Institute’

Mr Vinod Gupta
Mr Ashok Dhawan, Mr. Satish Sharma & Mr Kimti lal Sharma,
‘new teri town’,

Mr Manish Garg,
‘Pre Engineered Buildings and Aluminum

Dr. B S Bhooshan,
‘Towards a Social Discourse on Architecture: The Issues Outside the Metropolis’

Mr Salabh Mundra (Vikram Cements)
Mr Paul Simpson (Professor, Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow),
‘Materiality in Architecture; Sustainable Futures’

Ashok B Lall,
‘Spain: The Alhambra and Calatrava’

Partha Sarkar,
‘Mountain hymns’ and ‘Dekh Basanti Dekh Patasi’

Mrs Shobhita Punja, Mr George Varghese, Nalini Thakur & Adit Pal,
‘On Strategic Development for Khajuraho Heritage Zone’

Ms Anupama Kohli,
‘prize winning energy conservation design’

Professor Vasant Kamath
Professor R P Deshmukh,

‘On Work Experiences in Chile and Slide Show of Santiago, New York and London’

N C Mathur (Chief Executive),
‘Use Of Stainless Steel In Architecture, Building And Construction Projects’

Professor Nold Egenter (Zurich),
‘Symbolism in architecture’

Mr Badri Narayan,
‘Narrative in design: form structure and detail’

Mr Devi Prasad,
‘On ceramic and pottery works’

Mrs Peu Banerjee Das and Mr P.K.Das,
‘Cost effective construction technologies’

Mr Robin Nicholson,
‘On the work of architect Edward Cullinan’

G S Mahal,
‘Constrution planning’

Mr Manoj Mathur,
‘INA Competition Designs

Mr Roger Bonner
‘Cost effective construction technologies around the world’

Mr Amit Gupta,
‘Structural Water Proofing of Building by structural water proofing company’

Mr Rod Hackney (RIBA),
‘Community Architecture’

Mr. Deepak Ghelot,
‘Lighting ideas competition, India’

Mr Setu Shah,
‘A slide talk on Peter Eisenman’s recent projects’

Mr William Sempley
‘Tibetan architecture’

Professor H D Chhaya,
‘Beguiling the eye: Space in Indian Architecture’

S K Dass,
‘Non formal Habitat’