NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) has grown from only four member colleges four decades ago to more than hundred member and twenty observer institutions. Colleges from neighbouring countries have also applied for membership.

our team at Amritsar NASA this year

ZONASA (Zonal National Association of Students of Architecture) is a subset of the above and operates at zonal level. TVBSHS is part of North Zone.

There are two conventions every year, one organised by NASA and the other by ZONASA. These annual events are designed to increase interaction among various institutions through formal design competitions, debates etc.and informal ones like mask making, sculpting…

TVB has always been an active participant - these events have always been a learning experience for everybody. It had the opportunity of hosting ZONASA in 1997, which proved to be a major success.

The present office-bearers are -

Unit Co-ordinator (ex-Unit Secy.2000) Nikhil Auluck
Unit Secretary 2001 Varun Shrotriya
Unit Designee Dhananjay Lakhanpal