Pujaneeye Achariye Tulsi jeeThe TVB School of Habitat Studies was established by the Tulsi Vidhya Bharatiya Educational Society in 1990. Until 2000 the School, with the recognition from All India Council of Technical Education and the Council of Architecture under section 20 of Architects Act 1972, was awarding a 5-year Diploma in Architecture.
As of 2001, the TVB School of Habitat Studies is affiliated to the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi-110006. It offers a 5-year (10 semesters) full time academic programme leading to a Bachelor of Architecture Degree.
The School understands there is a shortfall of appropriately trained architects who can cope with diverse demands and challenges of the development process in India. The school derives its uniqueness from a pedagogic framework that
· Inculcates architecture as a value based and an ethical inquiry and practice vis a vis various social factors
· Productively combines research and teaching paradigms
· Encourages intellectual growth and nurtures creative potential of the student

The School believes that meaningful resolutions for contradictions and complexities can be arrived at through the process of learning and doing. Students are thus encouraged to develop skills related to the language of architecture, starting with basic communication skills, leading to the development of creativity, imagination and innovation. This is supplemented by the exploration and development of the craft of building, through workshop exercises as well as on site interaction with building industry.