Sport is an important activity because a healthy body contributes to the making of a healthy mind. It is also very important because it presents the forum where informal interaction can occur between students of different batches and also between students and faulty, leading to the feeling of cooperation and goodwill and the building up of camaraderie. It is the perfect way to reduce the stress that might build up in any academic atmosphere and create healthy diversions.

TVBSHS has grounds and facilities for outdoor sports like cricket, volleyball, football and throwball. A basketball court is in the process of implementation. Plans are being discussed about introducing indoor facilities like table tennis etc.

Every year, in the month of February, TVBSHS hosts an intra-school sports event. Cricket, volleyball, football, throwball are the main attractions. The five batches of students play against each other on a league basis and the finals are played on the last weekend. Athletics and informal events also form a major part of these two days. The highlight of the grand finial is a faculty vs. students cricket match and felicitation.
This is one of the activities where the different batches get to compete with each other and display sportspeople spirit. This activity spans over a month, where only the competition is held over a week, transforming the School into a very vibrant place.


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