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The following intra-school events were organised by students last year.

The students of TVBSHS have been regularly organizing small intra-college photography exhibitions. Faculty and students were free to participate and put forward five entries from their portfolios. The photographs were black and white and colored and covered diverse themes and subjects from the built and the natural environment and explored many techniques and styles. Two faculty members were nominated to judge the best collection and best individual photographs.

Best photograph Namit Agarwal
Best Album Anubhav Gupta

Students have also organised a sketching exhibition. Many students participated and put up sketches, penciled or inked on various media, black and white and colored on various human and cultural themes. They were abstractions, portraits, perspectives and still life. The exhibition is on permanent display. Some faculty members have also contributed sketches and drawings. Such an endeavor not only demonstrates students' commitment to the graphic culture but also their confidence and the spirit to share and learn.

The fourth year students have initiated a College magazine, which is an informal forum for discussion, a platform for diverse opinions and voices, a news board for upcoming and past activities and travel, a forum for sharing and generating new interests, announcing competitions and for publicizing college news and forthcoming events. The Editorial Board welcomes contributions from students and faculty.


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