Architectural Design is seen as the central discipline of the program.  The studio is the arena where the student applies his knowledge and develops design skills while testing out the theories and methods learnt in other courses in the Humanities, Technological and Professional streams.  The students will endeavour to acquire and understanding of the determinants of the built form such as social imperatives, environmental concerns and the craft of building.  They wil review experiences from their own immediate and personal environment as well as the values and perceptions of other people involved in the process of design viz.. the user, the client and the public at large.  Derivation of concepts and strategies will then lead to a deliberate response in the shape of a specific design proposal with the help of organizational and communicative skills.

They study of Architectural Design is seen as a cumulative process where the experience of the previous year is used as base for increasing the depth and breadth of knowledge and development of skills in the following year.  The range of design problems shall include projects of progressively increasing complexity from a simple rural habit to multi use urban megastructures.


Semester 1,2

Parameters of design and Design of a simple building

Tapan Kumar Chakravarty
Mark Warner
Anvita Anand
Madhuri Rao

Semester 3,4

Building & neighbourhood

Arunava Dasgupta
Madhu Pandit
Akshay Kaul

Semester 5,6

City-Public realm

Neeraj Manchanda
Bashabi Dasgupta
Sabyasachi Sen
Vijay Matange

For illustrations of studio projects use the following links.