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S Badrinarayan

B Arch (1982), SPA Delhi

Set up multidisciplinary design consultancy firm 'Studio Renaissance' in 1994; projects include residences, residential and office interiors, furniture design, lighting design, set for stage and TV shows, exhibitions, graphic design, product design
Philosophy of the studio has been to learn from the past while looking to the future in order to establish a continuum that is integral, wholesome and sustainable. The studio attempts to take each project on its own terms and celebrate extreme variety by engaging in a fresh dialogue with each context

Research Interest: 'The use of narrative in design process', 1994, 8th semester unit in TVB. The unit explored various kinds of narrative devices to enrich design, starting with the interpretation of a given design brief to its final resolution
'Integrity of form, structure and detail in design', 1994, 8th semester unit in TVB. The unit attempted to explore and understand notions of 'integrity, form, structure and detail' in other disciplines such as classical music and textile design and apply these to architectural design

Email: bnarayan@del3.vsnl.net.in