One of the salient features of architectural education in TVB is the emphasis on learning through the process of doing - the hands-on experience. This paradigm of teaching-learning method is supported by faculty in all the courses, and especially so in subjects like materials, construction and model workshop. The students design and implement solutions to problems in various media and at varying levels of complexity with the assistance of the subject coordinators and skilled workshop personnel.

The workshop supports activities such as

Surveying & Soil Testing
Soil testing comprises of sieve analysis, hydrometry, determining plastic limits and liquid limits. This also involves cone testing, testing soil density, and conducting brick or mould cressing test. Students also undertake land surveying and topographical analysis. Supporting equipments such as level machines, theodolites, plane tables, prismatic compass, chains, ranging rods, plainimeter and pentagraph are available.

Full scale demonstration structures
The workshop supports building of street furniture using brick and stone, temporary structures out of mud mud bricks, cane and jute, and small-scale permanent structures. The students have imbibed the process of construction by attempting brick bonding, laying a wall, making brick jails, casting concrete and by testing the structural feasibility of various structures

Architectural models
Facilities are available in the workshop to make design concept models, which form an important part of the initial stages of exploration of various ideas. Students often make architectural models and thesis models in the place. Analog models for 'structural systems' class, explaining various concepts of structural systems of buildings are also made in the workshop.

The workshop also has samples of building materials and components (conventional, alternative and innovative) that function as important demonstration material.

For woodwork, all the hand-working tools are available in the workshop and all kinds of joinery work are possible. The students, over the years, have built bamboo space frames and usable lightweight furniture, demonstrating the workings of various types of joinery.


Metal work
The workshop also supports the making of lightweight metal frames and it has facilities for gas welding, electric welding, grinding and drilling.







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