TVB School of Habitat Studies is an important repository for research data and academic projects. The TVBSHS library comprises of the following sections
1. The printed matter section
2. The TVB archive
3. The slide library

The printed matter section comprises of 300 reference books (200 titles), 3000 books that can be circulated amongst students for a limited time and 1030 periodicals (40 titles). Books and periodicals cover a range of subjects like architectural practice, history, construction, cultural studies and sociology and keeps pace with the latest publications. The library also holds about 215 thesis reports and 240 dissertations and case studies (conducted in-house).

The TVB archive is a drawing and photographic archive that covers the Related Studies Program (Research - RSP) undertaken in various geopolitical locations within the subcontinent and habitat surveys that have been undertaken by the students a part of their semester requirement. Students from institutions all over the country and representatives of many national and international research organizations constantly access the archive. The archives will soon be accessible from an online catalogue and requests can be placed for reproduction of material at a nominal cost.

The slide library holds visuals pertaining to students' studio works of previous semesters, thesis projects and Related Studies Program (Research - RSP). These visuals are a critical resource that adds qualitative, illustrative and instructive dimension to the teaching program.






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