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A.G.Krishna Menon

B.Arch (Hons) IIT, Kharagpur; M.S.Arch, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago; M.S.Urban Planning, Columbia University, New York.

Professional consultancy in Delhi since 1972. Simultaneously, have been in academics, first as visiting faculty at SPA and from 1990 with TVBSHS. Also undertook pioneering works on urban conservation for INTACH from 1984. Publish regularly. Currently working on preparing the Development Plan for Anjar, Gujrat (earthquakr affected town) and designing the Police Training College for the Delhi Police.

Research Interest: Ongoing research into contemporary Indian architecture, urbanism and heritage conservation. Also on architectural education. Earlier, researched the "legacy" of Khajuraho. Also producing an appropriate manual for urban planning in rural/semiurban areas.

Email: tvbshs@vsnl.com